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  1. Robos are my children

  2. I use bins for my robos too.
  3. Admin If you are exploring opening a channel for forumers to buy essential items for hamsters, you may consider 1) bedding 2) Branded food pellets such as Marukan, Vitacraft 3) safe bathing sand Thank you.
  4. Admin I googled and found http://petloverscentre.com/Forms/Products.aspx?DepartmentID=6&DeptCategoryID=81 Thank you.
  5. Admin Perhaps can indicate the volume or weight of the bedding, pls. Forumers will understand that in order to have cheaper prices, a bulk purchase is preferred and hence a longer waiting time before collection as "organizer" needs to gather more orders. Thank you.
  6. Anybody would like to share "where or what are you studying?"
  7. Admin One of the reasons could be inadequate customers here...
  8. I do wish we could have some online suppliers of essential items (bedding, bathing sand, food) for hamsters as we used to have in the past.
  9. Please separate the male from the female to prevent unnecessary breeding. Thank you.
  10. same to you and all hamsters' lovers
  11. So the little can't "bathe" in the sandbath with its coat on?
  12. Poor hamster
  13. CNY is coming :D

  14. Tks Sienna