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  1. Yes the lost and the void being felt are still around, it still pain to remember her limping and falling down every step she took, but still she struggle on walking, it her strong character. Thanks for the comforting words.
  2. Our beloved winterwhite hamster Eren passed away on 17 Apr 2017 @ 11.45 pm. She was adopted from this forum when she was abrt 10 months old where the owner was unable to kept 2 fighting hamsters together. She was bitten on the nose and was aggressive when she first arrived to our home. Slowly she was more friendly and enjoyed our company. She like walnut and strawberry treats and would stored it in her mouth. She would dosed off easily anywhere and would dropped off to sleep next instant. Occasionally she would nipped at my wife small toe and walk away. My daughters would play with her at night before going to sleep. The last 2 months b4 her passing her health was deteriorating, her fur was thinning, rashes on her neck, she was limping on her left leg. She tried the ex wheel but keep falling off as the left leg was not holding her up. later she was unable to climb up the wheel, we helped her up and she did a bit of running. later she was unable to use the exercise wheel altogether. The last 3 weeks her right leg also had problem of supporting her walking, it would collapse, her daily routine of inspecting and cleaning her hideout and territory diminish and later stopped. She tried to walk up the 2nd floor but her right leg was getting weaker and later she no longer visited it. We removed the 2nd floor. It pain and heartache to see her walk and fall every time. In the last few days both her hind legs were unable to move she would drag herself around using her front legs we move the water and food closer to her hideout, her appetite was weak and she sleep most of the time. We fed her walnut and strawberry treats which she happily ate to her satisfaction. The last day of her passing she was very sick and skinny and not eating. We knew it a matter of days. In the evening my youngest daughter came home and sayang and pampered her the whole nite. When I hold her in my hand she opened her eyes and moved her front limbs, I fed her a small piece of tofu which she ate, and some water. We stroke her head and body, sayang and my wife talked to her, she nibble my finger as if to acknowledge my/our concern or company and saying " Don't be sad, I am alright". My eldest daughter came home at abt 10 pm, she love and take care of her a lot. She hold her in her hand pampered and sayang her until she passed away at 11.45 pm. We had seen 3 vets on her condition, she had multiple problems, slip disc, 2 lumps and rashes. She should be abt 2 years old and the vet said it a matter of time. My daughters still pampered and stroked her body late into the night and put her back to the cage which she call home. Next day we took a last look at Eren stroke her body and spent some moments with her and said goodbye to her. We put her in a box filled with her favourite bedding, tissue, food, walnuts and strawberry treats and proceed to have her cremated. We collected her ashes in a small beautiful container 1 week later. She crosses the Rainbow Bridge and in Hamster Haven now, a paradise where she will be happily run free with new friends.