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  1. Hi, my bathing sand for my 3 funny hamsters, is almost used up, so if u hv unwanted sand, u may like to sell to me. Coz dont want to spend so much $ buying brand new sand from the shops. OR u can also Exchange your sand / bedding for my hamster cages / food. Pls call me at 97429180. Have a happy day.
  2. I have adopted 2 hamsters from here, thanks folks ! Admin please close this thread, thanks.
  3. Currently I have a pudding fat hamster who has given much joy and laughter to our family. We would like to adopt more hamsters, as these furballs are very cute. Pls connect me at 97429180, should u wish to let go, thanks
  4. Hi, if you have unwanted Free cage & accessories for hamster, please let me know. Because I'm keen to get from you. Pls call me at 97429180. Thanks.
  5. I have collected the above from a kind Hamster owner. Admin please close this thread, thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm keen to adopt a hamster from u. Can call me at 97429180? Thanks.
  7. Hi, if u have unwanted Free hamster food, bedding & sand bath, please let me know, because I'm interested in getting from u. U can call my HP 97429180. Thanks.