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  1. I have a healthy well fed 2-month old female syrian hamster for adoption. please sms 90691988 to enquire. thanks
  2. My hamster (march 2011 - 16 nov 2013) spent its last moments this morning at one am... It was gasping till the end... it actually died with its eyes open... anyway rip
  3. cute... do rabbits bite humans if they're scared like hamsters?
  4. thanks... u are from NP, the food there is good better than sim's
  5. oh so that's what it is... thanks for replying.. anyway does not seem to affect her seriously. although sometimes can see her trying to scratch.. i'll bring her to dr chua if the condition seems to worsen. checking on her everyday.
  6. sorry to hear this. at least she lived to nearly her full life span. which is good.
  7. hi, i'm newcomer to this forum. currently studying in sim-rmit.. nice to know you all.
  8. Hi all! My hamster (abt close to 3 years) recently develop this growth thing behind on her back. It's quite hard cause I touched it and it seems to itch her alot sometimes and she can't reach behind her back to scratch it and at other times it doesnt seem to bother her. here are the photos attached anyone able to identify what is this and whether it is harmful before I send her to vet? tks