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About SHC

About SHC

Mar 15 2010 11:00 PM | Admin in About SHC

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SHC aka Singapore Hamsters Club, was formed in 2003, but we only officially got our domain name sghamsters.com on the year of 2004. Since then, from just a free hosting with phpbb board, we have been growing and evolving till what we are today. It has been a long journey, and it hasn't been easy but we managed to pull through.

Today we are not just a discussion board, but we also have our own Articles, Gallery and Blog application. With the Articles section, we are able to organize and update an ever increasing of hamster related information here in SHC. Members can also have their own album and blog about their hamster keeping experiences.

In the past when we are just a discussion board, we used to let members post their hamster pictures in the forums, and it is quite a nightmare trying to go through the list of postings, searching for who-post-what pictures there. But with SHC Gallery, members can upload their own hamster pictures to their individual album which makes finding their hamster pictures so much easier. Member's album are easily accessible through the links under their profiles which can be found even inside every posting threads just like their forum signatures. Another very good use of the gallery is for us to set up a Obituaries category for all members. Members who lost their dear hamsters, can now have a permanent virtual place to rest their love ones.

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SHC Blog is another application acquired by SHC, shortly after gallery app. This enable our members to enter their hamster keeping experiences and share it with others in an orderly manner. Like the gallery app, individual member's blog entry can be easily accessible from their profiles link. And it allow members to manage their own blog without the interference of the moderators.

Many members still do not realised the usefulness of this blog feature. It is one of the wonderful application in SHC. Imagine after years of keeping hamsters, and one fine day you wish to recall how many hamsters or can't think of any other memories of your past hamsters, then SHC blog can help you if you have been making full use of it. You will be able to instantly go to your blog and read up all your memories, with optional pictures attached! How nice can it be?

Instead of posting around in the discussion board, all your personal entries can be put inside the blog. While leaving the forums for discussions or chit-chat. In this way, SHC will become more organized and enjoyable to read.

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Our another core application is the Article Section, it enables us to organize and store all our hamster-related information in one place. Without it, we will have forums full of pinned topics, and members are so confused to find the information regarding SHC and hamsters related question.

Since we introduce the Article Section, members and guests are able to quickly get their information required. With the Articles section, SHC is no longer just another discussion board, but also a database full for ever increasing hamsters related information.

SHC even have our own Membership subscription - Premier Members and Commercial Sellers. Together, this two membership provides the backbone support for SHC, particularly the Commercial Sellers who brings more value and services to our SHC members by introducing their products. SHC has evolved into a ONE-STOP-STATION for all hamsters lovers in Singapore.

SHC will never be what we are today if we do not have your support. And you can do so in many ways, sign up our Premier Membership, be active in our forums, help out each others in solving hamsters or personal problems etc. Remembers, You are what makes SHC today. Thank you.

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