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    Thoughts on an idea - feedback welcome!

    Hey all! Just an update. I went the Bin route with a TOYOGO bin as I have them unused and new at home. Will be housing a Syrian and expansion works will be the next step for more adventure room. Be it a 2nd level or side by side expansion...it's still an option space depending. So sharing the progress of what is planned. I cut the holes with a heated Kitchen Knife over the stove. ** Do this in a ventilated area and if you can...use a filter mask (I used the ones I had from SARS..lol) as the fumes are dangerous! Never inhale and if at any time you feel tired, giddy or weird, STOP and head outside. If like me your doing this in a HDB apartment, make sure your kids dont come near and work near a sink or bathroom in case you get burnt.** That aside, the holes with be covered with wire mesh and screw held in place. I've already sanded smooth the cut lines and working on the wire mesh as I type this. Hopefully completed by today, pending excited interruptions by my 2 daughters! HAHA!! Thanks to 'leily' and the suggestion of the IKEA SAMLA this may end up the 2nd level with the SAMLA as the base....Rest assured the expansion is the next project! cheers!
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